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Super Selector - IPL 2011

Hi All, 
Did you miss world cup? No worries.. let's play IPL together. I've joined the Super Selector-IPL 2011 game at www.espnstar.com and I bet that my team,FunAtWebDotCom, will beat any team you can put together

My APNA League details are:

League Name: FunAtWeb

League password: [email protected]

See you in my APNALeague soon! It's not hard and it doesn't cost anything – plus there are some great prizes to win, so unless you're afraid of getting beaten I'm looking forward to seeing you in my league soon!

Everyday I will share my transfer and captain details at this forum. We all can discuss and create best team and apna league. It would be a great fun. What do u say?

Click here to see live streaming of IPL 2011


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