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Klueless 8 Discussion Forum

This is the place where you can discuss about all the levels for the Klueless 8 (IIM Indore Ahvan 2012)Please abide by the rules mentioned below during your discussions.
Link to Klueless 8 (teaser round):  http://ahvan.in/ahvan/ahvan12/klueless8teaser/
  1. Use the “add new comments” link to add your comment.
  2. Discuss about the clue, like whatever you think about the picture or the hint for that particular puzzle.
  3. There are five discussion forums i.e., for puzzles 1-5,6-10,11-15,16-20,21-25,26-30,31-34. Use the respective forums for discussions depending upon the puzzle level number.
  4. DO NOT give away the answer in the forum, or any clue directly related to the answer.
  5. Use Professional language in your discussions.
  6. All the discussions will be monitored by the admins and any objectionable comment will be removed without stating any reasons.

Link to Klueless 8 (teaser round):  http://ahvan.in/ahvan/ahvan12/klueless8teaser/


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Link to Paheli: http://www.funatweb.com/node/9

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