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Free Software & Open Source

As you might be knowing, there are lot of softwares/utilities available on the net freely. Download and Use of these softwares are legal. Here I have listed all such softwares in different categories. I will be updating this page regularly..So keep visiting..

Before downloading these softwares you should know the basic difference between Open Source and Free Software:

From the name ‘Open Source’, you can already deduce that the source code of the software is freely available for other people to see and study.  There are a lot of definitions for Free Software, the most common of which is ‘freeware’, or software that you do not have to pay for to use.
     Free Software is a stricter code sharing method compared to Open Source, which allows the maker of the code to specify certain conditions, to enable the legal use and distribution of the software. The coder of Open Source software can specify whether a user is allowed to redistribute the modified code or not. This is not possible with Free Software, as it specifically indicates that the modified code derived from Free Software, should also be released as Free Software.


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