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2. 100 best songs of Kishore Kumar added at Video Zone

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iBook: Night reading mode for Apple iPad

Night reading mode for iPad or iPhone is basically a reversed theme of the default black text on white background. It seems that by reversing it to white on black color, it will cause less strain to your eyes when reading under low light conditions. 

Amazon Kindle Ad Targets iPad

Kindle Ad
Amazon has released a new commercial ad for the $79 Kindle highlighting the difficulty when using the iPad in direct sunlight. The other point that Amazon is trying to highlight in the video is that Kindle is more value for money - Consumers can afford to buy two Kindle Fire tablets and a standard Kindle e-reader for the price of just one Apple iPad.

Indian TV Channels On Your Mobile, Desktop, Laptop and Tablet

mundu htc
Did you miss the news headlines on TV this morning just because you had to leave early for your office? Well, you can launch Mundu on your computer (or mobile phone) and catch up your favorite TV news channels from India anytime, anywhere live. All you need is an Internet connection or a data plan if you are planning to watch TV on your phone.
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