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Outlook.com - Your new Mailbox

Outlook.com is a free modern email service from Microsoft. I have been using Gmail since 2004 but the new Outlook.com service looks extremely tempting both in terms of features and also the user-interface which I think is far better than Gmail. After spending time with Outlook for about a day now, I found several unique and useful features in Outlook.com that you will miss inside Gmail.

Facebook is the 3rd most populated nation after China and India

Facebook - A Country
As of May 2012, Facebook has over 900 million active users. So if you were to think of Facebook as a country, it would be the third most populated nation in the world after China (1.3 billion as of 2010) and India (1.2 billion as of 2010).
       If the Facebook country were further sub-divided into states based on Pages and Apps that have most users, the map of the country would look something like this. Zynga, developers of popular Facebook games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, would obviously get the maximum real estate in this fictitious country.

Virtual Tour of White House

Something new and cool from Google…. Google recently brought its Street View camera inside the White House.If you are curious to know what it is like inside the residence of the world’s most powerful person, Click here to take a tour.
You can also search for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC on Google Maps and drag the street view icon on the White House building.

Your Facebook Account Accepts 3 Passwords

You can log into your Facebook account using three passwords:
- one is the main password that you created
- the other passwords can be constructed by toggling the case of characters that form your original password. 
- If the first character of your Facebook password is in small case, just change that character to upper case and Facebook will gladly let you in.

Access and Share Your Printer over the Internet

Share Printer over Internet
Sharing of printer through internet was quite a complicated task but Google makes it easy with its Cloud Print technology.Google Cloud Print lets you access your existing printer from any browser or mobile phone over the Internet. The same service can be used to share your printer with anyone else on the web without them being part of your home network. For instance, your friends could be in a different city and they would still be able to send print jobs to your printer over the Internet.

Best Antivirus Software 2012

With the growing use of Internet, there is increase in number of viruses too. Today, I am sharing reviews of Top Antivirus used by most of the people all around the world.These antivirus software are fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Some of these antivirus software are also compatible with MAC operating system and mobile devices.

Where to Read Old Newspaper Articles Online Free?

Old Newspaper
Old newspaper articles are a great resource, regardless of whether you're writing a school paper or you're just curious about historical events -- the sinking of the Titanic or the price of gasoline in 1915.
Of course we can get all these details in Wikipedia but there's nothing like seeing the headlines, stories and advertisements from the actual newspapers of the day. Here are some of the best places on the web where you can find and read old newspapers and magazines online free.

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google Search Tips
Google always try to make search easy and useful for whole world. Today I am sharing the useful tutorial of all the Google search tips in one video. The search team at Google has created this short video that puts all the useful stuff you can do on Google.com, plus some related search tips and tricks, in one place.

Amazon Kindle Ad Targets iPad

Kindle Ad
Amazon has released a new commercial ad for the $79 Kindle highlighting the difficulty when using the iPad in direct sunlight. The other point that Amazon is trying to highlight in the video is that Kindle is more value for money - Consumers can afford to buy two Kindle Fire tablets and a standard Kindle e-reader for the price of just one Apple iPad.

Amazon Store in India : Junglee.com

Amazon Junglee

Amazon has launched Junglee.com in India and, in its current form, It is more like an online marketplace where you can quickly compare prices of books, electronics, music, apparel and other products offered by hundreds of online and offline retailers in India.   
was acquired by Amazon in the early 2000 from Indian entrepreneurs Rakesh Mathur and Ashish Gupta.

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