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How to Create Collage with your Facebook Photos?

Loupe” is a free online service which allows you to Create Wonderful Collages with Your Facebook Photos very easily. It can Pull in your photos from your Facebook Profile to create the collage, the app can also pull photos from the albums of your Facebook friends that are visible to you.

Loupe  is launched by very popular collage creating team known as Shape Collage.
Steps to create Collage:
1.    Go to Loupe’s Website and Click on the “Get Started” button.
2.    After that click on the  “Add Photos” Button. In the pop-up window Select the Facebook tab and Click on the “Connect with Facebook” button.  By doing that you will allow “Loupe” to see and use your photos from your Facebook albums.
Collage 1
3.    In the next screen you can Select the album you would like to grab photos from. Select the photos you would like to use in your collage. You can select all the photos from the album or alternatively you can pick and choose which ones will be displayed.
4.    After selecting your favorite images, just click on the “Add Photos” button to finish the selection process.

Collage 2

5.    Now you can use the top toolbar to Select the shape you want to use in your collage. If you are not satisfied with the sample shapes and want to use a Text as your collage shape then in the toolbar Scroll furthest to the right for the TEXT option.
6.    After you are satisfied with your design, you can save your collage by clicking the “Save” button. You can name your collage and even add a description to your collage.
7.    Once you’ve saved your collage, you can Share your collage on Facebook, Tweet your collage, Email your collage, Download the collage onto your computer or even Blog about your new collage by adding the Embed link to your site.

The best thing I liked about Loupe is that it has nice options to tweak; you can change shapes and re-assemble your images as you want. Overall it’s really fun to use this service.So next time you’re having one of those days, and just want to play around with something simple yet creative, give Loupe a spin.

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